Map of Visitors

As a visitor to Stonechat please put yourself on our map of the world.

Just click on the link and place a flag where you live.

You do not have to put any personal info on there, your first name, a pseudonym or blog name will be fine.

It will be great fun to see where you all come from!

I think there are ads that go with this Zee-map thingy so if you find that annoying please let us know.

Hurray – thank you to those who have joined in!

In the meantime here is a  list the countries that come up in the Stats:

We are lucky enough to get regular visits from US, Canada, Australia and UK, so take them as in the list:

July 14: United Arab Emirates, Germany, Russia, France, Egypt

June 14: Spain, Italy, France, New Zealand, South Africa, Germany, Singapore.

May 14: Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Sweden, France, Jersey, Spain, New Zealand, Japan, Hong Kong, Germany, India, Greece, Israel, Colombia, Denmark, Russia, Austria

April 14: Italy, Ireland, Greece, India, Argentina, Switzerland, Serbia, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Spain

March 14: Mexico, Ireland, South Africa, Croatia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Belgium, New Zealand, Spain, India

Gosh I missed February!

January, 2014: USA, Brazil, Oz, Mexico, Thailand, Malaysia, Romania, Canada,

December 13: Denmark, South Africa, Portugal, Turkey, Canada, US, Serbia, Spain, Netherlands, Argentina, Bosnia and Hergovina.

November 13: US, Norway, Italy, Greece, Bosnia, Canada, Germany, Japan, Ireland, Sweden, Netherlands, Austria, Australia, Switzerland, Brazil, Taiwan, Denmark, France

From 2.Oct.13: Sri Lanka, US, Australia, Denmark, Canada, Philippines, Sweden, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Portugal, Brazil, Cambodia, Iceland, India.


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