Doodle Bug

Wendy’s Doodle Page:

Caught this bug about a month ago and now they keep on coming! Sometimes they start with auto-line making at other’s images are evoked by a daily reading or a quality. Started using just an H and 2B pencil, sometimes softer, but starting now to add colour using watercolour pencil washes

Bug 1: Getting Away From it All  – started with a tree  that grew roots and rapidly turned into a landscape featuring modes of transport and methods of   relaxation

Bug 2: A favourite mug cracked, but the tea keeps on coming as fantasy begins to creep in.

Bug 3: Started as a ‘proper’ doodle and became ab obsession for 2 days (on and off) – it has a very grand title – The Exotic Rattle-Tail Golden Snail Feeding on the Purple-veined Pommeria Plant

Bug 4: Lines, Loops and Barbs – more abstract

                                                                 Bug 5: Dreamers

Bug 6: Inspiration – from a quote by Hildegard von Bingen

 Bug 7:  The Never Present – living in the past with memories or planning about or dreaming of the future?

…….. these were the start, there are now more to come

and so … on to Bug 8,

Started with a diamond shape somewhere in the centre, then tried to make shapes change by varying the ‘perspective’ with each diamond and then it just took off from there.

Bug 9, continued with my attempts at ‘impossible’ perspectives, a la Escher – quite a basic and not particularly affective attempt

Bug 10: An analogy picture (a la Betty Edwards, ‘Drawing on the Artist Within’) – the quality made visible here is strength

Bug 11,  started with a scribble of frustration – but ended with sense of satisfaction

Bug 12 … began as another analog drawing ‘abundance’ but moved on into a fantasy  portrayal; enjoyed counterfeiting the ‘bread’

  Bug 13: Is a little worrying!

 but Bug 14 is a little nicer if still some part of my fantasy world … I will seek help after this, promise!

After a short break from posting, I ask myself ‘what for’, the following three emerged over a two week period

Bug 15 – Drawing from the Right Side … the only trouble is that I got my lefts and rights muddled up so the solution is to hold this one up to a mirror …. that could be a development into a much larger painting

Bug 16 – obsessively varying lines of perspective, which was ok until I attempted diagonal panels to the walls!

Bug 17: Came out of a reading about the spirit inhabiting high, light places and the soul dwelling in shaded valleys – somehow the landscape morphed into ‘other things’



One Response to Doodle Bug

  1. sandra dorey says:

    Fabulous to see them all together!!!!


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