Woodland Hoodie, free pattern.

Ravelry.com is an amazing source of all things knitting and crochet. You can find all manner of patterns on the site for free and to buy. I have a few patterns for sale on Ravelry and Etsy – and gosh it takes so much work to put a pattern together! I am working on several at the moment and they take SO much longer to get right than I ever imagined. Knitting and designing is the easy part – getting the pattern in a form that others can follow is another thing altogether.

I found a great pattern for a crocheted Hoodie on Ravelry. It didn’t work out quite as I wanted it and so I have adapted it and am offering it for free:

Click on this ‘Woodland Hoodie’ link for an instant free pdf of my version of the pattern:

Woodland Hoodie

183 Ravelers have already downloaded it – exciting!




About Wild Daffodil

hoarder of creative goodies that will someday come in useful, enabler and supporter of creativity, lifelong knitter, artist and fabulous Granny!
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