Map of the world

I was doing a bit of blog-hopping and came across Zee-maps – a device we can use to see what part of the world our visitors come from.

The WordPress Stats tell only the administrators of the blog which country visitors come from, but this map will let you all know – so long as you put a ‘pin’ on the map to show us your location.

If you do not come from the UK, pan out from the map using the sliding marker on the left hand side and then use the arrows to get to where you live, then zoom in again. You do not have to put any other info.

Oooh! exciting – please add your location!


About Wild Daffodil

hoarder of creative goodies that will someday come in useful, enabler and supporter of creativity, lifelong knitter, artist and fabulous Granny!
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4 Responses to Map of the world

  1. world-wide blogging fun 🙂


    • sandra dorey says:

      hey! Jackie! thank you so much for putting your blog on the map!!! It IS fun to see us both on the map. Thank you for being the first!


      • Hahaha… hadn’t thought of it as “putting my blog on the map” 🙂 Forgot to add my signature “❤” though. Oh well. For now, we have the “world” to ourselves 😉 but that won’t last long. Is there a link where the map can be viewed?


  2. sandra dorey says:

    The link is on the the ‘Map of Visitors’ page.


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