Crazy Patchwork.

I’m still loving the freedom and joy of crazy-patchwork:







and paper


I realised yesterday how well this sits in the crazy patchwork of my life – so many different elements jostling for attention in any one day.

I even had iTunes on shuffle whilst at the sewing machine and enjoyed the mix of Cafe del Mar, The Proclaimers, Bjork, Bach, A Welsh Male Voice Choir, Peter Kater, Rock around the Clock, ….” .. if you feel a touch of madness, sit down next to me” (by James)…. tra la la. A Crazy patchwork of music.

Do you notice a theme running through your days and overlapping into your creativity?

About Wild Daffodil

hoarder of creative goodies that will someday come in useful, enabler and supporter of creativity, lifelong knitter, artist and fabulous Granny!
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