Visit to Cherry Orchard Farm

Stone Spirit in an English Country Garden

Visited Sarah and Ann at Venue 279 – wonderful setting for Sarah’s larger pieces – my heart ‘leapt’ to see Cassandra welcoming visitors (can’t believe no one’s gone off with her …yet). Stone Spirit and Lucy were very much in their element and it was alarming at first to see Vessel metamorphed into three companion pieces …and then the delight of seeing bees investigate where their compatriots once lived

Cassandra Welcomes

Where Bees Lived

An interested visitor

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3 Responses to Visit to Cherry Orchard Farm

  1. sandra dorey says:

    so glad you took your camera Wendy – the pieces look so stunning don’t they


  2. sarah gilpin says:

    Thank you both so much for coming and for your enthusiasm – not to mention contributions to the evolution of these pieces…
    I had two bees transported into my car yesterday in my sculpture – they definitely took up residence again – amazing. So glad you got a pic Wendy – could I have a copy? Also the superb general shot of “where bees lived.”..?


  3. sarah gilpin says:

    Reblogged this on portlandsculptures and commented:

    Thanks to all my wonderful friends for making the trip to northern rural Dorset for Dorset Art Weeks. I really appreciate the support


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