Small stone sculptures?

This is roach stone – the layer of Portland stone that is full of fossils and shells. I am working on sanding and polishing the smooth sides to a fine finish.  Am hoping this might be a format for small stone pieces selling at less than £50.


About sarah gilpin

sculptor, naturalist & photographer exploring restorative ways of seeing and experiencing the landscape through creative and physical activity. Project enquiries or discussions welcome. I am flexible and happy to tailor a project to your needs: a willingness to explore, play and engage in the natural environment is all that is required – for any age.
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2 Responses to Small stone sculptures?

  1. sandra dorey says:

    a stone doodle!
    love the apple giving scale and contrast in colour, texture and shape, makes me want to reach into the computer and touch them, hold them together and feel the contrast – would it work to pair two stone carvings in that way maybe?


  2. sarah gilpin says:

    Of course – a stone doodle: thanks for the connection! Makes me conscious that of course mother nature doodles indiscriminately all over the place…


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