tree doodle

tree doodle


About Wild Daffodil

hoarder of creative goodies that will someday come in useful, enabler and supporter of creativity, lifelong knitter, artist and fabulous Granny!
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10 Responses to tree doodle

  1. sarah gilpin says:

    A3 size you say? Thats many hours of absorption. Go Girl.
    …acorns/mushrooms/trees – and those wonderful beetles… red soldier beetles undoubtedly –


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  6. I see fabric, hmm. Is it pencil, pen? You’re so creative… 🙂

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    • Loving that you found this post! It is felt tip pens and crayons. I discovered doodling via ‘Daisy Yellow’, and absolute mine of inspiration! I just could not stop for a while!!! I agree about fabric design, lots of my doodles seem to have that look – I haven’t come across a way to turn them into fabric yet – although maybe I’ll try out some doodles for my Society6 designs – hmmmm – yes something to think about! Thank you! xx

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    • I have just realised that this was my first ever blog post!!! This post is also on the ‘Wild Daffodil’ blog, as I moved nearly all of my archive stuff over when I started Wild Daffodil. Thank you for this comment as it has connected me with my blogging beginnings and now I realise that it is coming up to the 3rd anniversary of me stepping into this wonderful fairyland of creative connections! ❤

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      • ‘wonderful fairyland of creative connections’ Love It! Congratulations on three years. It must be wonderful to look back at where you’ve been, what you’ve done. I always tell people that my blog is a big scrapbook. It is a wonderful world to be in 🙂

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