Portland Sculptures Website

Work in progress!  Feedback welcome… particularly on the shop section.  Is the combination of form and paypal button on the cards and voucher pages clear/ok?


About sarah gilpin

sculptor, naturalist & photographer exploring restorative ways of seeing and experiencing the landscape through creative and physical activity. Project enquiries or discussions welcome. I am flexible and happy to tailor a project to your needs: a willingness to explore, play and engage in the natural environment is all that is required – for any age.
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4 Responses to Portland Sculptures Website

  1. sandra dorey says:

    yes it seems clear, would be easier to click on item for it to be added tocart rather than typing the name of the design in if that’s possible


  2. sarah gilpin says:

    Spent a long half day trying!…. but did learn how to put names underneath the images which I think makes it easier?


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